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Day 13 - PhD student Huizi Dong from Shanghai Jiaotong University

Hi, everyone!

This is Huizi Dong, a PhD student from Shanghai Jiaotong University. I am very happy to be one of 25 members in this STRESSOR cruise. Today is the 13thday in our cruise, and maybe we only have three days left working and staying together. I really want to say thanks to everyone in our ship!

I am interested in the satellite ocean dynamics, and I want to understand the C. finmarchicus bloom in this season from the perspective of marine physical process.

So in this cruise, I mainly responsible for Lagrangian Coherent Structures model, which is guided by Ziyuan from Institue of Oceanography of China. We use near real time Radar Altimeter data to calculate the daily geostrophic currents and the horizontal advections. I send the results to chief scientists every day, which provides real time physical field information such as eddy and jets, to determine the cruise plan for the next day.

During the cruise, two cute oceanic instruments, Sailbuoy and SeaGlider were helping us along our survey. SeaGlider started working before our cruise, and collecting data in the ocean. I feel excited when I saw the Sailbuoy, which equipped with sensors and measured from the surface, was deployed. Both of Sailbuoy and SeaGlider can be controlled via satellite data telemetry.

Now we have already arrived the station 25, best wishes to everyone for the rest of the cruise. Maybe we can see each other again in the South China Sea cruise in 2020.

1 and 2) Sailbuoy deployment. 3)A lot of thanks to Mathilde, it is my first time to see copepods from microscope! These small cute zooplankton are our creatures, Calanus finmarchicus. We can clearly see the red pigment in their body, that is why we can see blooms from satellite. 4) A short trip in Svolvœr and a really beautiful view in the fjords of the Lofoten island. 5) Arctic snow on Helmer Hansen 6) Our ship went through two times, I really love the night scene here.

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